Permaculture & Us

Karmela and Miroslav Kiš

Permaculture Diploma Holders

+ With international license for organizing, managing and maintaining the basic 72-hour course on permaculture, and awarding certificates

+ With international license for permacultural designing of habitats, farms, houses and yards, gardens and land for other purposes.

Permaculture and us

We lived in Zagreb city until 1999, but then we left the capital of Croatia. The end of a millennium was the end of the way of life we lived. We heard about permaculture for the first that same year, when Mr. Ivan Ladislav Galeta gave a brief introductory lecture at the old town square in Motovun. We lived in Motovun in Istria for the next 11 years, surrounded by the countryside for which Harald Wedig (former president of the Institute of Permaculture, Germany) once said that, in fact, it is dead. Even today, when observing vast and green valley of the river Mirna from the top of the Motovun hill, it is hard to see that, but it is… Our property has become a permaculture training ground. The garden grew year after year, and the entire property was slowly designed by the principles drawn from permaculture and / or nature. Nine years later, at the first National convergence in Croatia we exhibited our work, and received International Permaculture Designer diplomas. Our mentors were quite satisfied with the result. We both graduated at the University of Zagreb, long ago, but we found that our true call is the Land and the Plants.
After eleven years of living in Istria, we decided to listen to the call of the rich Slavonian country and gain new experiences. We moved to Slavonia, a step which enriched our lives and knowledge. A little later it will get a new powerful impetus through organizing and teaching 72-hours permaculture courses, workshops, and designing properties for others. Permaculture is actually life-long education, but also the constant internal changes based on observing the nature, work in nature, growing food and building social contacts. On the way we pass through a large rose garden, which is naturally full of thorns.
Permaculture is a way of living in harmony with nature, and in nature storms and tornadoes sometimes happens. The 7th World permaculture convergence was held in Motovun in May/June 2005, and we were sucked deep into the world of permaculture, like tornado would do. During International Convergence (IPC7) we met Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, and many other famous and less famous people from the world of permaculture.
Shortly after the first Croatian National Convergence, permaculture movement started to flourish in Croatia.
From 2011 until today, we held twenty six 72-hours permaculture courses. We managed to fit the intense pace of the courses and various workshops into our daily life of gardening. We held many public lectures on permaculture, and in 2013 we established a non-governmental, non-profit association “Perma Croatia” for promotion of permaculture.